Monday, August 7, 2017

Crazy Good Week

So we had a crazy good week here in my little country town, Alejandro Korn!! :) We spent the week, well not on a diet that is for sure!! We ate so much yummy food and brownies and sweets it wasn't even funny and my poor comps by Saturday both had tummy aches, but man did we have fun!! We had a ton of dinners with members that were super fun!! 

Also, we found 14 new investigators this week!! Pretty sure my all time record in the mission! And all thanks to families that have lots of kids! We found one family where the mom had 6 daughters and it made me feel like home!! I loved it!! :) 

Also I don't know that I have ever walked so much in my life (more than Disneyland if it is even possible!) Cuz bueno... so I went for a 24 hour visit to San Vicente with my favorite Chilena for a comp exchange and well my poor comps don't know our area very well so when I came back we had a ton of great appointments set up with great investigators but they all lived in the polar corners of our area!! So we walked more than I ever imagined possible and more than once we made the 30 minute walk along the train tracks to the little group of houses on the outskirts of the area and hey I held a butterfly in my hand!! #disneyprincessmoment

​Really, we saw so many little miracles this week that there is no doubt in my mind that this is the work of the Lord. He directs the work and truly prepares people. I am so so grateful to be able to be an instrument in His hands here in Argentina..... and bueno... I only have a few days left to give it all I have got, I´m just gona make the most of them!! :) 

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