Monday, September 5, 2016

Rockin Banfield 2C

Hola todos! This week has been pretty good getting to know better our area. We don´t have a lot to work with, all the records we have are from 2007 and basically all the houses we go to look for don't exist, the people moved or the people don't have any interest now so that's fun.  We are really starting to get out ringing doorbells and talking to people through the fence! A lot different from my last area. I feel like I have a new appreciation for what stateside missionaries do, it is hard work here and there aren't always immediate fruits. 

Some interesting things that happened this week, so there is the 92 year old less active, Lujarda, and she is hilarious to teach because she remembers absolutely nothing! She was like I am scared to die because I don't know if my family will be there because sometimes God sends people back a second time and we were like .... no??? We showed her scriptures in the Book of Mormon that say otherwise and she felt better.  Then we were talking about how she is gonna be resurrected and she was like but I don't want to be, my body is horrible and we were like we literally just read that you will have a perfect body... she remembers nothing! ahh she is hilarious but there is always food so that is fun! 

We have been getting to know the ward too, basically most of the ward is one family. This lady had 5 sons and they all got married and live in the ward so there are like 5 Ferreyra families and it is kinda confusing. We haven't had a ton of success as far as investigators.  We have a few, but they work a lot so there isn't a ton of time to teach them, and they are hard to find, and so that is a struggle. 

My cute little comp is doing great, losing her fear to talk to people so yay! She knows the scriptures super well too! She is awesome and we don't have the best numbers but we are super united and happy, I literally am doubled over laughing in the street all the time with her, it is fabulous! We are gonna try to make delicious, glorious tacos today and I am super excited! 

We are still living with Hermana Medrano y Hermana Chaffin, it has actually been super cool to live in the pench because Hna Medrano is a sister trainer leader which means she gets to do intercambios with other hermanas so like 2 times a week she brings home other sisters and we get to know them which is fun! Hermana Heinrich made us cinamon rolls :) but we live in the kitchen so we are still calling trying to get those elders to find us a lovely little home all our own! Because living out of your suitcase for weeks isn't exactly ideal, but what you gonna do? :)

This week we have been focusing on consecrating ourselves more in all we do. This time really is the Lord´s time and we should use it wisely. But really life is the Lord's time so we should use it how He wants it. I am grateful to be a missionary.  


we made flan delicious flan and it was pretty darn good :) 

we live in the kitchen but it is cool :) 

when missionaries cook everything just kinda turns out almost right..... cinnamon rolls with what the y call brown sugar here and without yeast and with dulce de leche and chocolate sauce cuz what is powdered sugar to make icing?? :) basically we have to substitute half the ingredients..... one time some elders told me they made chocolate cookies and I asked how in the world because brown sugar isn't a thing here and they were like we just used honey instead.... the cookies tasted like honey but they were good all the same! haha :) 

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