Monday, September 26, 2016

Let´s Serve The Ward

HOLA!!! Hey everybody, how you doing? So this week was a good one but let´s just say that my little compy and I finished just about dead yesterday! To illustrate just how dead we were maybe I´ll tell what happened yesterday after lunch. So we get an hour for lunch each day, usually the members feed us but when they don't we make the most of our time to do whatever we want in the apartment, usually a nap! So anyways we took a little nap yesterday and at the end it was time to get to work and so I started trying to wake up my comp and she just kept telling me to leave her alone but haha no :) So basically I kept bugging her and poured maybe a tablespoon of water on her and that got her up and yelling and me that she hated me and I just laughed and responded that I loved her too and then we just broke into a fit of giggles and I love our relationship, it is great! We seriously get along so well it really feels like I live with a sister :) My Hermana Hernández :) just so we are clear, she really doesn't hate me, she just has strange expressions of love :)

Anyway, we were super tired this week cuz there was just a lot going on ya know! Monday we had our district activity and we made hot dogs and put guacamole and salsas on them and it was wonderful, even if we did have to substitute parsley for cilantro or something because it doesn't exist here. Haha, our district is basically Relief Society :) but it was fun and the assistents were able to join us! 

Thursday we had zone conference and my wonderful mother sent me the most wonderful package I have received of things for my foot and so guess what, good news, I can walk now without problems :) woooohooooo, blessing :) 

On Friday a member in the ward called us basically in hysterics and was like, I never like to ask for help but I just can't, can you come help me?? So basically we ran over to her house to help her clean because you know she is 7 months pregnant and her house is 4 stories so LOTS of stairs and we basically died just cleaning the floors and were super sore the next day. And then the next day we went to visit a recent convert who hasn't been coming to church and she basically had a meltdown and then we cleaned her whole house and so yeah basically dead.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE (I'm trying to go for one of those infomercials but don't think it is working! )

On Saturday night we were helping out with a ward baptism to prepare food when the assistents called us. Our lider misional (mission leader) of the ward put the obra misional (work mission) in charge of a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) of the entire ward the next day at 7:00, and he didn't plan or tell us anything so Saturday night he called the assistents to put them in charge of the activity but they had some meeting with president and GAs and so they put us in charge of it. We basically wanted to kill the mission leader but we are practicing patience :) So hopefully for the first and last time in my life we planned a ward activity in an hour, 4 hours before said activity. But holy cow people, lets just say it turned out beautifully! We played this awesome game and had all the members laughing and participating and joking and then we turned it around super spiritual and everyone left with the commitment to invite somenone to General Conference this week and YES!!! SUCCESS!!!!!! also there was pizza at the end so we are basically the best! Totally had the Bishop thanking us and he gave us some references of people to visit and so WOOOHOOO! We have the wards confidence, LET'S GO!!!!! :) It was great :) but we are TIRED :) haha, it is all good! 

So yup that is basically the week. All is good here and I am happy! Miss you all! :)


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