Monday, April 24, 2017

A Miracle Baptism in Banfield 1

So this week was crazy, and good, and crazy good! This week Hna Menezes and I went to Banfield 1 with 2 cordobesas Hna Rivartola and Hna Ochoa! Both of them are crazy and loud and happy and we laughed a lot this week! This week was crazy too... cuz Hna Ochoa is a Capacitadora so she had exchanges already planned for the week and so from Tuesday after the district meeting till Thursday night she wasn't with us.. We were with Hna Manner from Idaho! It was awesome getting to know her! 

Also my companion got super sick! It started on Tuesday and got progressively worse... Wednesday she literally whispered cuz she didn't have a voice! And my comp is crazy and LOVES missionary work so she didn't rest like she should have and went out to work in the pouring rain like a loca but I love her ;) crazy Brazilians! 

Wednesday in the afternoon when I finally banished my comp to her bed, Hna Rivarola and I accomplished something unprecedented here in the Mission Buenos Aires Sur (bueno, probs not but it felt like it!)  We managed to make it to 2 companionships worths of appointments... at 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 30. That means people that we were in and out of every lesson in 45 minutes or less! Which is practically impossible in this little patch of earth that is Buenos Aires Argentina with its Portenos (what the Buenos Aires people are called) cuz they all TALK FOR HOURS!!! for real! They LOVE to talk here, mostly about themselves! :) so the fact that we were able to teach 2 plan of salvacion lessons (normally take minimumn 1 1/2) and one temple lesson and 2 follow up on commitment talks is super impressive. Be impressed :) 

So as for the miracle baptism!! SO this week we had a MIRACLE!!! On Tuesday we met Emiliano. He is the little 19 year old brother of an eternal investigator (she needs to get divorced then married but her ex isn't helping), a super active eternal investigator! And he was SOOO prepared for the gospel, he had already attended church several times with his sister and this last Sunday when he came to church he told her he wanted to join the church. So Tuesday we passed by his house and started teaching him and invited him to pray... by Thursday he had received his answer and Friday we were all excitedly planning his baptism. Saturday we attended a very tender baptismal service. It is amazing to see the way the Lord prepares and changes people. 

One of my favorite moments was when Emiliano arrived for his baptsimal interview this week and had taken out his lip and earrings all by himself. It is amazing how the Lord prepares people, as missionaries our job is just to help them reach their potential and invite them to follow Christ. 

Another tender experience from this week, I got to teach a few lessons to a few recent converts. Two super old grandparents with broken bodies but the sweetest spirits! Juana and Victoriano. Victoriano literally was sad on Thursday that he had 3 more days to wait until he could go to church on Sunday. But because of their age, since they started receiving the missionaries and now that they are baptized, they haven't been able to read the scriptures cuz they can't see the letters. But this Sunday when they came to church and the Bishop handed him a GIANT bible and GIANT triple the look on Victoriano´s face almost moved me to tears. He was so, so happy to hold in his hands and to be able to read the scriptures. He lugged around his 10 pounds of scriptures under his arm for all the meetings happier than any kid at Christmas. That little old man taught me how I should feel about the scriptures and the church.

It was a good week, and I love being a missionary. 

Hermana Walker

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